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With a background in journalism, law and interior design, it’s no wonder Deanne Marie has written hundreds of articles and blogs; you may follow her Smart Solutions for Busy People blog here. Now she’s added books, e-books and home study courses to her penning credit.


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Do you truly love where you live?

The majority of US homeowners (renters too!) would love to redecorate at least one room in their home. All too often, time, money and a lack of confidence stop them from creating spaces that reflect who they are and support how they live.

In the Room Makeover Planner workbook, Deanne Marie demystifies the design process for every DIY home decorator. Applying her signature “POPS” solution, the Room Makeover Planner walks you through any room design step-by-step from assessing the space you have, to envisioning your ideal space. And, your budget and time constraints are woven seamlessly into your perfect design plan.

When you complete the Room Makeover Planner, you will have a prioritized, detailed action plan; a “mood board” to make shopping for your new room a breeze; a complete shopping list; and a schedule to complete your room makeover.

But more than that, you’ll have the confidence to make design decisions, and the pride that comes from creating a space that reflects who you are and supports how you live.

(Note: This is an electronic product and will be received in electronic format only.)


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Are there “hard to buy foStanding book hi resr” people on your gift-giving list?

Finding the perfect gift is less about being a good shopper and more about being a good observer and a good listener.

With Gift Giving for Busy People, Deanne Marie takes the guess work out of finding the perfect gift for any person, for any occasion and on any budget. You will spend less time wandering aimlessly and desperately through stores or online catalogs, hoping to find something—anything—for your recipient. Through a simple yet effective series of questions, you will discover that you already have exactly what it takes to get responses like, “Wow! This is coolest thing ever!” or “This is the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me.” Plus, you get Ten Tips for Stress-Free Gifting to start making a difference in your gift giving today. Inside you’ll find:

  • Ten Tips for Stress-Free Gifting
  • How to Find the Perfect Gift
  • Adapting the Process for the Younger Set
  • Inspirations for Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Gifts for the Other 362 Days a Year
  • Answers to Tricky Questions
  • Presenting Your Gift by Thinking Outside the Box
  • How to Organize Your Gifting Space

Only $14.95

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When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others.

– The Dalai Lama


Let’s face it. We love receiving gifts and being on the receiving end of thoughtful gestures, and we’d love to say thanks … but sometimes, we don’t know how to say it. Problem solved! In the 101 Ways to Say “Thank You” e-book you’ll find:

  • Pre-written thank-you notes for 18 of life’s most momentous occasions, from graduation to retirement, new babies to sympathy, and everything in between.
  • Authentic and sincere thank-you notes for more than 65 gift items, including cash and gift cards.
  • Even how to say thanks for that bizarre, “what were they thinking” gift!
  • The never-fail, step-by-step formula, including greetings and closings, for writing any note we missed!
  • PLUS! Frequently-used business thank-you notes for everything from job interviews to client appreciation.

  All for only $7.95


(Note: This is an electronic product and will be received in electronic format only.)