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When you transform your home, you can transform your life. Where you live affects how you live, how you work and how you love. Your home affects your mood, every day–whether you’re conscious of it or not. Deanne specializes in what she calls “transformational design” that integrates you, your style and personality into a room that reflects you and your family while enhancing your lifestyle. It’s decorating from the inside out. Deanne believes that everyone deserves to feel “ahhh” not “ugh” when they return home from a busy day.



Deanne Marie’s design journey started with Barbie® dolls! Yes! Barbie! Between the “Dream House” — which she turned into a sprawling ranch-style home — and her oldest brother’s architecture studies, Deanne has been developing floor plans, furniture layouts and color schemes since childhood. She waited impatiently for the next Sears or Spiegel catalog to arrive in the mail, so she could re-do her room (at least on paper). She watched her mother as she painted the house, installed phone jacks, wallpapered the kitchen … Deanne’s from a long line of DIYers.

Over the years Deanne developed a personal system for decorating success that takes the sometimes daunting task of tackling an entire room into smaller, more manageable projects that fit easily into a busy schedule and a tight budget. The results usually bring the response, “You did this?” from family and friends.


ProductsRMP cover standing reflection

Deanne Marie’s Room Makeover Planner walks you through the design process, step-by-step, asking you the same questions a designer would ask. It takes the guesswork out of decorating any room in your home! Plus, you can receive Deanne’s “cheat sheets” for lighting and color tips. Click here for all the details.

If you’re not sure where to start a decorating project, start with your bedroom. In many ways it’s the most important room in house. It’s where you begin each day, whether refreshed and ready … or not. It can set the tone for your entire day, and ease the stress of a day gone wrong when you return home. Access Deanne’s 1-hour Biggest Bedroom Mistakes online course here and start sleeping better tonight!


Consulting Services

Transform a room in a day! Deanne offers a limited number of onsite VIP days for your home or office for the fastest results. Each VIP day is customized for your unique situation, room, challenges, taste and budget.

Services include initial phone and video consultations and style assessment, plus post-visit follow up and phone support. Onsite services may include room assessment, arranging, planning, organizing, shopping, accessorizing and installation.


Click here to learn more about this affordable and fast solution to a fabulous room!


Event Design

Deanne Marie creates one-of-a-kind spaces for her clients’ special events. No space is too challenging, and no concept is too outrageous! Working with the client to determine the look and feel of the event, Deanne custom designs everything from the lighting, walls, staging and table decor to fit your budget. Contact her directly to discuss your needs.

Dining Hall collage

Deanne created a more intimate space in a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed space at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center for a well-known spiritual and inspirational leader.