Take your home from drab to fab!

Do You Love Where You Live?

What’s waiting for you when you come home from a long day at work or shuttling kids to their activities?

 Does it make you feel “ugh!” or “ahhhhh!”?

Whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, every room in our home affects us visually, emotionally and energetically. Where we live affects everything from our attitudes and relationships to how we show up at work. And here’s the thing ….

A stunning 84% of us aren’t happy with at least one room in our homes!

Yes, the majority of US homeowners (renters too!) would love to redecorate at least one room in their home. What if every time you walked through that door you felt grounded, a surge of happiness, a sense of peace and a wave of gratitude? You already intuitively know:

  • When you come home and instantly feel happy and relaxed, you naturally feel better. You might even get a second wind.
  • When you create surroundings that make you and your family and friends more comfortable, they will naturally open up more, leading to more closeness.
  • When you plan for all the functions of a room, and find a place for everything, you’ll be less stressed and find things more quickly.

Sounds good, right? So then the question becomes …

What’s stopping you from creating a space you love?

All too often, time, money and a lack of know-how or confidence stop us from creating spaces that reflect who we are and support how we live. See if any of these sound familiar …

Believe me, I’ve been there too!

I lived with my childhood bedroom furniture until I was 37 years old simply because I didn’t know what I wanted, what to look for, and was frankly afraid of the cost.

So I enrolled in interior design classes–yes, just to work on my master bedroom!–and I rediscovered a passion that I’ve had since I was a girl.

See, when I played with Barbie dolls I would spend hours laying out her house and arranging furniture. Heck, I even made furniture from tissue boxes and turned household items like a shampoo bottle cap into home accessories! And when a department store catalog would come in the mail, I would steal it away to my room and “decorate” my bedroom on paper and design my future home. I still have some of those early floor plans scribbled on bits of paper in my filing cabinet.

I was destined to be a designer, and I still had trouble with my master bedroom!

Bedroom B4 and after

What about everyone who didn’t get the “design gene” yet wants to create a warm, welcoming home?

And that’s when I realized there is a process to designing a room that I could show anyone! So I created Your Virtual Decorator and I distilled years of classroom work into the Room Makeover Planner action guide. It takes the mystery out of interior design and empowers you to create the spaces that support your life.


Decorating, demystified.

In the Room Makeover Planner action guide, I demystify the design process for every DIY home decorator and guide you to making that room you’ve only dreamed of into a reality.

Applying my signature “POPS” solution to Plan, Organize, Prioritize and Schedule, the Room Makeover Planner walks you through any room design step-by-step from assessing the space you have, to envisioning your ideal space. It asks you the kind of questions a traditional interior designer would ask you at the beginning of a project.

It gives you the tools to choose colors and make a furniture layout that fits your room perfectly.

And, your budget and time constraints are woven seamlessly into your design plan.

When you complete the Room Makeover Planner, you will have:

  • A prioritized, detailed action plan
  • A “mood board” to make shopping for your new room a breeze
  • A complete shopping list for everything you need for your new room and
  • A schedule to complete your room makeover.

But more than that, you’ll have the confidence to make design decisions, and the pride that comes from creating a space that reflects who you are and supports how you live. Or as my client Shelly put it recently …

“I feel so much more confident with this thing called decorating!”

You do have other options.

Before I give you the “buy now” button and ask for your money, I want you to know that you do have other options available to help you redecorate your home. You could …

Read a stack of decorating books for hours, days, or even weeks … and still have

no idea how the theories apply to your specific room.


Spend months, even years, taking interior design classes … and it’s probably

more information than the typical home decorator needs.


 Hire a “free” decorator from a local furniture store … but a purchase

is sort of expected and you’re limited to that store’s range.

Now here’s the best choice.

Leverage my years of study and hands-on practical experience with Your Virtual Decorator’s Room Makeover Planner.  The Room Makeover Planner action guides gives you:

  • Complete room assessment tool
  • Floor plan/layout tool
  • Mood board creation tool
  • Step-by-step action list
  • Complete shopping list

PLUS tips for:

  • Creating a budget
  • Creating a priority list
  • Useful supplies for common projects

Literally everything you need to redecorate one or every room in your house.


You will learn, you will create, you will be the decorator you never knew you were.

 * * *

Your home will be that grounded, warm, happy place where everyone loves to gather.

* * *

Your home will reflect you and your personal style.

* * *

You will be able to find what you need, when you need it.

 * * *

You will love where you live.

Get it all NOW for


But wait!

As a BONUS and my gift to you, when you purchase NOW from this website you will also receive my personal Design Files with my best information, tips, tricks and know-how for two of the most important pieces of your decorating puzzle: Lighting and Color.

You’ll be able to pick colors like a pro and use the best colors for the feeling you want to achieve in your room. And, you’ll know what kind of lighting you’ll need to show off your fabulous room at its best.

There are so many valuable insights in these two information-packed gems that it’s hard to put a price on them!  They’re like an entire college-level design course packed into two cheat sheets, er, I mean “study guides.” If I sold them separately, these two files would be another $50.

But there’s more …

There’s more to decorating than picking paint, arranging your furniture and adding accessories.

Combo CDs horiz


I’ve discovered that one thing gets in the way of nearly every home decorator I’ve worked with: clutter. Potential clients often tell me they don’t know where to start a room makeover … because there’s so much stuff in the way! So I developed a two-part audio course to help you not only tackle clutter but to understand why and how it accumulates in the first place. Meaning, you can change your cluttering ways for good.

Then in the second part of the course, I show you exactly how to organize nearly everything in your home. A few simple principles put into practice are all you need to keep your newly-decluttered space neat and tidy. You receive:

  • Nearly one hour of audio courses.
  • Two complete, detailed transcripts.
  • Decluttering worksheet to start decluttering immediately.

This course literally sets the stage for your decorating magic to happen. This piece alone sells separately for $57! But because I’m so committed to your decorating success, I’m including it in this special “DIY Decorator” bundle as my gift to you!

You get EVERYTHING shown here–a value of almost $200– 

DIY Decorator Package

for one payment of



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